We believe in making websites affordable and accessible for small business owners, without the high price tags.
We understand the struggles of small businesses, in an age of high overheads and no time, we have tailored our service to work around you and your business priorities

Custom Websites

We custom design your Website to reflect your brand and industry. Each site is made with love to reflect your own identity. we will manage your site to keep your content fresh and up to date

Responsive Word Press Sites

We use Word Press to design and create a unique, functional site to entice visitors. We make use of the cost effective features to fully optimize your site and keep it fast and searchable

Search Engine Optimization

Each page we create is optimized to rank for the industry you compete in. We research and advise on the ideal strategy to help rank your website at the top of all popular search engines

affordable website design cape town


why get your business on-line?

It’s an extremely important factor considering that without a website or online presence potential clients could begin to wonder how serious you are about business. Today, companies of all sizes and industries are establishing a successful online presence. If you don’t have an online presence then you can’t expect your clients to take you seriously and you will lose business to competitors that do have an effective online presence.

The internet allows you to answer questions, give sales advice and solve customer problems, all without taking any of your time. Create a video, a product spec sheet or a FAQ  section once, and you can direct clients to that information for years. Not only does it save you time, but you’ll be providing better service. Your clients and prospects are looking for specific information. With an online presence you can give them just the information that they are looking for, and just when they are looking for it. This means less phone calls with technical questions and more sales

Starting out online means very low startup costs. You have no buildings to construct, no vehicles to buy and few staff to hire. Simply build your site and start selling your product or service. If you are already selling offline then the transition can be very smooth. You continue selling the same products or services that you know and have a good supply of. Putting your company online simply gives you a new source of customers



What are you waiting for? Get in touch and we will propose an on-line solution that is right for your business.

Our mission is to put beautiful, cost effective and affordable websites into the hands of inspired entrepreneurs and business like you so you can make a great living doing what you love.

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Website Design

Website Design Cape Town

Our mission is to put beautiful, cost effective and affordable websites into the hands of inspired entrepreneurs and business like you so you can make a great living doing what you love. To do this, we’ve created a range of simple but elegant WordPress designs that can be adapted for your business without too much customization, resulting in real cost savings. For those who have more exacting requirements, we offer higher levels of customization with unique designs created specially for your requirements. We offer a range of affordable web design services in Cape Town. Speak to our agents to find out easy it is to your small business online today

Website Design

Our website design team has got the experience of working on small projects as well as the simple website for small businesses. We directly deal with clients without any middle man, therefore, we help our clients to save almost 50% of web design budget with best design quality and presentation. Providing high-quality solutions at an affordable budget is always challenging in cape town Small businesses in cape town has a potential to grow their business going through online but they are mostly limited due to the huge budget of the website design and development. However, this is possible now with us. We have more than 20 years of experience in web design, development, database design, system analysis and design, project management as well as a good eye for graphic design and branding. Our website design solutions are not only limited to small businesses in cape town but also committed working with big companies worldwide as we have proven experience of working with several multinational brands on their core back-end as well as front-end with several hundreds of thousands of lines of code.

Website Design

All of our projects are developed by industry leader designers and developers with responsive design, rich graphics with right business related graphics. Your website will have a unique and customised layout with browser compatibility. Besides professional web development, we also provide website improvisation service with speed test, image, CSS, javascript, HTML, and backend code optimisation so that your website loads at the minimum time. WordPress website design in Cape town. We design WordPress sites to put your small business online.

Website Design

If you come to us with a business concept we can help you take it from idea to reality. If you think your existing communications material, perhaps your logo design or web design, looks tired or out of date, then we can help to breathe life back into your company’s image. As a leading London web design company we will help you improve brand value and also as a result create a lasting impression with your clients. Office Rental. Newwave Interior Design

Website Design

We have designed websites for commercial property agencies in Cape Town. Affordable website design services in cape town. Web sites cape town

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